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Monday, February 2, 2009

Heat in Australia

I just received this message from my DIL in Australia....Remember the temperatures she is talking about is in Centigrade 40C=104F

What a remarkable country! And we have THE cutest animals (AND some of the most deadly - I know!) But I thought you would appreciate how cute this is...! At home in Victoria the temperature has been above 44 degrees all week and they are forecasting another week of 40+ temperatures. Power is failing, trains have stopped running because tracks are buckling under the heat . It’s just scorching. And it seems that the people are not the only ones suffering.

Check out these photos of a little Koala which just walked onto a back porch looking for a bit of heat relief. The woman filled up a bucket for it and this is what happened!


Wanda. said...

Oh my, this is SO cute. That poor little critter. How long did it stay in the bucket??? Did it come back again? Can you pet them?? Can you post an answer to these questions? I know you can't reply to comments. Maybe someday Blogger will give us that feature. I'm from Minnesota, we don't have cute animals like that here!!! I just love this little critter's face!!! What a fun experience. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Anonymous said...

How ADORABLE!! What a sweet looking little guy. At first glance I thought it was a stuffed animal! What great pictures, thanks for sharing them.