This is me

This is me

Certified Designer

Certified Designer

Thursday, July 24, 2008


We are in the process of packing and getting ready to move. Since my father went to reside with Our Lord this house is just too big. 5 bedrooms and 3 bath for 2 people...Overkill!!! Besides that I have to walk 100 steps one direction just to put a load of laundry in...BORING.
I had no idea of how much crap you can accumulate in a short 15 years....I have packed over 20 boxes just out of my stamp room.....and you cant tell it!!! OMG I had no idea that I had that much crap!!!!
I have packed up clothes that no one has worn for 10 years for goodwill. The Helping Hands from our church has taken some extra furniture, I need 3 people just to help me sort stuff. I am finding that I keep way too much stuff.

MY MOM: Update: Mom is getting weaker all of the time. She was so sad yesterday, she said someone had come to see her and she couldnt remember who it was. It was her grandson...poor mom. She said my dad had been to visit her again (he passed in 2006) and asked her to go with him...I know her time here is limited....she said that she is ready to be with daddy.

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