This is me

This is me

Certified Designer

Certified Designer

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The New Year Starts

I have been quite busy since the beginning of the new year. We re-united with some old friends and had a great time. Both my husband and myself were members of the group called Parents Without Partners. During our time there we made a lot of friends and even after we were married we continued to stay connected with them.

Sadly we lost a member of the group last month as since it had been a few years since we had all gotten together...we had a house party (old people sitting and talking). LOL

I have continued to make cards and these are just of few of my recent projects.

I have been busy sending out the new catalog and talking orders.

The new Catalog is AWESOME!!!!!

If you want one, please contact me and I will see what we can do. If you just can't wait to look at it you can always go to my website and see it there.

Have a great day!!

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Eliza Brock said...

Hey stranger! So I have been meaning to send you a thank you for the Christmas Chocolates but my computer hasn't been working for awhile and I can't access my address book. Dumb thing. My husbands parents met at that group. What a great support group! The link on your post doesn't work, just an FYI. Hope you are doing well, and thanks again for you kindness in thinking about me through the holidays! Talk to you soon!