This is me

This is me

Certified Designer

Certified Designer

Monday, October 22, 2007

Another week of crazyness

This week has been really busy. My sewing machine arrived and I have really been putting it to use. I attended a wonderful stamp camp where we were taught some wonderful layouts and designs (thanks Jennie).

My son is moving back to Oregon so he thought he would list his car in California and then get a new one up here. Well it sold within 12 hours so he flew up here to get his new car(his dad work for a local dealership) I am so jealous...being a child of the 60's muscle car generation I am so green with envy of this.

I have family coming from literally all over the world next week. It will be wonderful.

My brother is coming from New Zealand and the rest of the nieces and nephews are coming to see their dad. We all want to be here to support my mom on the 1 year anniversary of our dads passing.

Time to get stampin......

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Eliza Brock said...

Well sheesh, there will be no mistaking that car. Not only a cool car but a stand out color! Ha! Have fun with your family woman!